ProjectsTools & Technologies
BequestGo, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Event Sourcing
ChatGPT Discord BotGo, ChatGPT, Instant Messaging, Bot
Cool X WalletJavaScript, React Native, AWS Cloud HSM, Docker, Blockchain
CoolWallet SGo, Blockchain, CI/CD, JavaScript, React Native
Spark APIREST API, Blockchain
Sygna BridgeReact, Redux, Saga, JavaScript, AWS Fargate, NodeJS
ResumakeReact, JavaScript, Node.js


Personalised pay-as-you-go life insurance and online wills. I mainly focused on building the backend and leveraging microservices architectures to achieve the Performance, Reliability, Availability and Scalability (PRAS).

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ChatGPT Discord Bot

The GPT Discord Bot project, which is developing a bot using OpenAI’s ChatGPT model to enhance and automate interactions on the popular Discord messaging platform, combining the power of AI technology with the social aspect of a chat platform to create unique and engaging experiences for users.

Cool X Wallet

Credit Card-Sized Bluetooth hardware wallet to secure customer’s crypto assets. I built Hardware Security Module (HSM) infrastructure for Cool X Wallet in SBI.

CoolWallet S

Bluetooth hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens.

A hardware wallet is a special type of bitcoin wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device.

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Spark API

Forked from kyuupichan/electrumx

Built REST APIs on ElectrumX for people to interact with the blockchain and increase syncing performance by 20%.

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Sygna Bridge

Sygna Bridges the Gap Between the Virtual Asset Industry and Mainstream Finance. Visually exploring Sygna Bridge which enabling VASPs to collect and exchange compliance-required transaction information.

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Resumake is a website for automatically generating elegant LaTeX resumes without the need to write any TeX code yourself.

As an open-source contributor, I provided a solution by developing a new template to choose from, which enable users to highlight their resumes.

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