Some thoughts on using Event Sourcing

About a year ago, I started to work with event sourcing and built a system around it. It seemed quite new to me, but the more I learned, the easier it became. Basically, I’ve already worked with event sourcing for my entire career as a software engineer even starting at school, however, I didn’t realise it at that time. As long as you have coding experience you should be able to work with version control systems such as Git, which enables event sourcing. [Read More]

How I became a developer? (Part2)

In order to explore the digital world and know how the computer works, I started my undergraduate education in medical informatics. According to psychology wiki: Health informatics or medical informatics is the intersection of information science, computer science and health care. It deals with the resources, devices and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information in health and biomedicine. You might be wondering why I didn’t choose computer science? [Read More]

How I became a developer? (Part1)

Technology is one of the most popular aspects in almost every industry. As for software technology, they have been widely used for decades. I still remember the first computer that my dad bought me which requires you to install a bunch of different software and specifically only use the operating system ‘windows 95’ in order to function properly. Yeah, it was very old so you might not have heard of it and the performance is much slower than the smartphone people have nowadays, but it was pretty awesome back then. [Read More]